onsdag 1 februari 2012

Some charity!

Today, we played in a couple of supermarkets to collect money to a school in Gambia, that our own school have been sending money to for the last few years. We got over 600 skr in just a few hours, nice!

Winter Song is on it's way! I have printed cello sheets to a celloist, and now I'm just waiting to see whether she wan't to play or not. If not, I'll just upload it as it is.


tisdag 24 januari 2012

Todays recording session

Recorded the vocals for our next cover "Winter Song" by Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelsson, together with Petra, a good friend of ours. All that is left now is the guitar, maybe some singing from my side, and some cello. That is, if we can find someone who plays, and is willing to play together with us. I think we did an exellent job on this one, and I'm looking forward to release it on the interwebs. But first I've got some compressing and EQ-ing to do. I'll probably be done in two days or so.

"In other news"...right now we've got a lot of work to do. We have maybe three songs we want to record at the moment, and I have some other music projects going on alongside, both with S&C and with other people. I think I have work for at least the next 2 months. It feels good to have something to look forward to.

Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelsson